Hi Everyone

I wanted to take a few moments and update the domain community about something we are very excited about it. As many of you know the Justdropped.com Newsletter has been one of the longest running newsletter publications in our industry. With well over 65,000 subscribers our newsletter attracts the attention of seasoned domain investors, fortune 500 companies, domain newbies and everyone in the middle. Our catchy little one liners we place next to each domain name, coupled with our aggressive reseller pricing is what makes it popular. Well that’s not the only thing, you need to have a good domain name! The domain names we feature just make sense, and the low reseller pricing makes it a no brainer purchase decision.

As a result we have taken our domain name newsletter to a whole new level. I am excited to announce the first domain newsletter mobile application for the iphone. You can now get our same exact newsletter on your iphone. From the app you can review our daily inventory, enjoy our catchy little comments and purchase a domain. We have simplified the process for our users while providing the first mobile newsletter alternative for our industry.

Click here to download our app directly to your iphone – it’s FREE 🙂


Dan Rubin