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Attention:  Quality domains drop each hour, and i am finding them!

Yes, the system now identifies expired "keyword" domains on an hourly basis. Be the first to receive an email for your own "keyword list" of available domain names waiting to be registered!

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For pennies a day, you can now relax and receive hourly emails containing valuable expired domain names that are available to register! You will have full control of the domains that are emailed to you. Using our custom keyword control panel you can opt to receive all Available, Pending Delete, Hold and Redemption Period domain names! You can even keep track of all new domain registrations by any keyword you choose!

From: Dan Rubin

Dear Fellow Domainer,

If you're like most domainers you are looking for an easy cost effective way to identify quality expired domain names. The problem is thousands of others are doing the exact same thing as you are..

The game has recently changed. Expired domain names are now dropping throughout the day. The "domain tasters" release these domain names within the five day grace period, allowing them to test the names for traffic. Our system identifies these domain names based on your keywords, and sends you an email notification the second the domains are available. You will receive typical email notifications each hour.

If you wait to receive expired domain lists, or rely on software to find these domains its often to late. Our customers are getting the lists the second the domains are released to the public!

"We find the service extremely useful in our effort to find good domains. We´ve already found a couple of "diamonds" which we never would have found without the service so it paid back the first day!"

Peter Forsman
Internet Sweden Development

Wow, what a great system! Every day my email box has been full of emails containing dozens of available domain names based on my selected keywords. Keep up the great work and please limit the amount of users you share this with!

David Almana - Houston, Texas

Here's The Full Range of Benefits Our Members Get:

 Access to our control panel where you can enter up to 100 custom keywords.   These keywords are based on the types of domain names you are looking for. Available domains are sent to you hourly!

  Elect to receive hourly updates for available, pending delete, redemption period or hold status domain names.   This means you can now be the first to use your own backorder service on keyword specific domain names.

  Monitor all new Domain Registrations by any Keyword you choose.   This means you can keep track of anyone that registers any domain name with the keyword Google, Yahoo, etc... This is a great way to protect your trademark!

  Decide which status domains you want to receive in your email box.   This means your mailbox will not fill up with domains you are not interested in. Each hourly update will be TLD specific for your keywords.

  Decide where you want your desired keyword in each domain name.   This means you can decide to have your keyword placed in the front, middle, or end of any domain name that is emailed to you. You can join keywords together, the sky is the limit!

  Decide how many characters each domain should have and should it contain hyphens or numbers?   This option allows you total control over the domain names that are sent to you.

   Full support from the staff! Any questions you may have will be answered promptly!

  Hourly notifications for .coms, .nets, .orgs, .info, .us and .biz domain names! These domains are available and ready to register.


  Plus, much more!'s Real-Time Keyword Notification Is Your Secret Weapon For Finding Available Expired Domain Names!

"The new real-time keyword notification service from has been a very useful addition to my domain monitoring efforts. It delivers on its promises and provides steady and timely information for those in search of valuable domains".

"I'm a huge fan of's domain alert service. It's great having a tool that performs domain searches for me while I'm busy doing other things. The first day it alerted me to a domain I was able to purchase that I would have otherwise missed. This is a fantastic service and I highly recommend it".
Robert Clough
Search Engine Guide

"Your Real-Time Keyword Notification Service is an invaluable tool to follow domains in the key industries that I follow that are dropping or have dropped. This is a resource I've long wanted and am glad to finally have. Your attention to detail and great customer service compliment this tool and will have me using your service on an ongoing basis".

M. Kennedy

Just Dropped's real-time keyword domain email system is hands down the best tool I've found anywhere on the web for finding really great domain names. It's a breath of fresh air to have tons of premium domains in my inbox every day just to pick the best ones and move on. It's the easiest I've ever had acquiring true gems in the thousands of junk domains expiring every day. Thank You!
Jonathan Goodpasture
Froggy Domains

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Dan Rubin

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