Hi Everyone

In case you missed it, last month Justdropped.com released the first domain name newsletter app here.

The newsletter app was a huge hit with our subscriber base so we decided to release our first update. The update includes many new features and gives the application a bit more functionality. If you are currently using the mobile newsletter app simply head over to the app store on your iPhone or iPad. From there you will see the update notification under the “updates” tab. If you have not yet downloaded our iPhone domain
name newsletter app you can do so here.

Some of our updates include a few bug fixes.
You can now search the entire Justdropped.com domain database from your iPhone or iPad.
You can send offers for domains other then those in the daily newsletter.
We added a footer icon navigation area for easy navigating.
We segmented our search data base into a couple of areas to increase speed.

The download link once again is here.

Enjoy everyone!


The First Domain Newsletter App!

Hi Everyone

I wanted to take a few moments and update the domain community about something we are very excited about it. As many of you know the Justdropped.com Newsletter has been one of the longest running newsletter publications in our industry. With well over 65,000 subscribers our newsletter attracts the attention of seasoned domain investors, fortune 500 companies, domain newbies and everyone in the middle. Our catchy little one liners we place next to each domain name, coupled with our aggressive reseller pricing is what makes it popular. Well that’s not the only thing, you need to have a good domain name! The domain names we feature just make sense, and the low reseller pricing makes it a no brainer purchase decision.

As a result we have taken our domain name newsletter to a whole new level. I am excited to announce the first domain newsletter mobile application for the iphone. You can now get our same exact newsletter on your iphone. From the app you can review our daily inventory, enjoy our catchy little comments and purchase a domain. We have simplified the process for our users while providing the first mobile newsletter alternative for our industry.

Click here to download our app directly to your iphone – it’s FREE 🙂


Dan Rubin

Justdropped.com User Feedback

Hi Everyone

We are contacting you, as our clients, to ask a small favor. We would like to begin posting testimonials and comments about Justdropped.com. We will do that via this blog posting. We want to hear about your positive experiences, your success stories and how obtaining a domain name increased your business, your market share, even brought you increased revenue that you never dreamed of!

As most or you know, we have been selling domain names to the domain name community for the past eight years. At times we assume everyone knows “justdropped.com“. However, we recognize that many of our domain sales are to new users. Some new users are skeptical to send money over the internet or conduct an online transaction. We try to provide an immediate turnaround time on all domain purchases. In most cases we are able to get the domain name moved over to our clients within minutes. All transactions with Justdropped.com are handled in a professional manner, as you, our customers are our most important asset!

So again we ask you to share your experiences in working with Justdropped.com. We hope they are all positive, but if you have some insight as to how we can serve you better, of course, post that too! We feel your feedback and success stories will help our new users who may be on the fence about conducting an online transaction or obtaining a domain name via Justdropped.com.

We are looking forward to your feedback and wish you continued success as you obtain additional domain names. Please include your website within your comments for some added “link juice”.

Thanks in advance,

Dan Rubin